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Kerri was very sweet and sensitive toward me. "Do you like me, Candy? Tell me, do you like my body?" I couldn't stop the word "Yes" from coming out of my mouth. Kerri smiled knowingly at me, and then offered her telephone number and an address on a sheet of paper. I quickly realized by looking at the note that she was a student at my college, and had a dorm room there too. Tentatively, I took the note and placed it down my bra. I then told her that she was a student at my college, and that I had a dorm room there as well. Kerri touched my shoulder, and ignoring the words I had said, asked, "Have you ever been with a girl, Candy?" I simply shook my head at her. In turn, she pressed her lips against mine ever-so-softly and kissed me.

"Meet me tomorrow evening between six and seven o'clock at my dorm," she said. "I think you and I are going to have a little talk, and maybe do some exploring." She kissed me again, but this time a little harder. I was froze as she exited the training room and closed the door behind her.

The following night, I went over to Kerri's dorm room at 6:30. She greeted me at her door, wearing a black evening gown with her hair pinned-up. She looked gorgeous. Kerri invited me in for dinner. I was treated to baked chicken. It was delicious. But as I soon found out, so was Kerri.She made the first move of the evening, walking up behind me after the meal and placing her wonderful hands upon my shoulders for a massage. Within moments, I was loose and felt great. Then, she inched her hands lower and moved them around my body, and began to cup my breasts through the blouse I wore. She kneaded my breasts with her hands and it soon got to the point where I was so hot and bothered, that I could not stop myself from getting up and turning around, then latching my mouth upon hers for a deep kiss. Kerri was like a guide on this particular evening. She went slow, and taught me how to make love to another woman. When she started to eat my pussy, I thought I'd lose my mind. Her mouth and tongue....

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